Paid Per Click (PPC) Strategy

SEM Strategy

Our PPC Services utilize proprietary techniques to setup, optimize, and manage the marketing through the lead generation cycle.  We offer unique expertise in this field.

Our dedicated Client Manager will meet with your team to determine overall Search Engine Marketing strategy and update regularly (typically weekly) on campaign execution.  We will determine the ROI, volume, messaging and ad budget criteria with you and then execute that in multiple campaigns.

Keyword Generation

Based on our interviews and our analysis, we will use our tools to determine the initial keywords to bid on and run your campaign. Where most would typically think their products are encompassed by a handful of keywords, we find a much wider variety of keywords that allow you to cast a wider net and achieve lower cost conversions.

Bid Optimization

Bidding over a wide number of keywords across multiple search engines is our specialty. We work to offer the highest ROI by actively optimizing ad position and ad group ROI. We employ algorithms through our technology that are specific to you. This technology employs a wide array of heuristic statistical algorithms to recommend the optimal bidding strategy based on campaign goals.  Our bid managers or “traders” use this as a guide to execute bid management strategies on your behalf.  As we iterate through optimization process, we continue adding and testing new keywords.

Ad Creative

Writing a suitable ad will make the difference between actionable clicks vs. passive impressions. Our team is highly experienced in writing targeted ads that draw the appropriate prospect to click and then convert into a profitable lead.

Landing Page Optimization

Landing pages can have the most significant impact on whether a person that clicks actually turns into a lead.  We have seen 30-50% improvements in ROI just through improved landing pages.  We will utilize various concepts for a specific ad and use statistical techniques (e.g. multivariate, Taguchi) to determine which landing page perform optimally. During this process we work with your web designer and marketers. For an additional fee we can design and code your landing page.

We test every aspect related to PPC. Conversion rates at each stage that affects conversion rate at subsequent stages.   We provide testing in different areas of each specific component of PPC and the lead generation process. For example we test, replace and enhance keywords related to ads. We test ads related to landing pages. We test different combinations in a multivariate manner to ensure every campaign is running as effectively as possible.

Succeeding in PPC is all about analytics based optimization.  You cannot manage your web sales funnel without measuring traffic at each stage of the process.  We employ agency grade analytics systems to measure and interpret traffic to your site to help us optimize the flow to a quality lead.  These systems offer custom reporting and ad hoc analysis.  In addition, we will work to ensure that your lead distribution systems are tied in with search engine reporting systems.

PPC Process:

  • Strategy
  • Keyword Generation (Tools, Semantics)
  • Bid Management (Tools, ROI Driven)
  • Ad Creation (Copy, Optimization)
  • Landing Page (Split-Testing, Best Practices, Optimization)
  • Analytics (Real-Time Tracking, Feedback)
  • Optimization

Search Engine Optimization (SEO)

Every day, millions will use search engines to find products or services. 90% of those people will click links on the first page of the search results. Is your site on that first page? Are your competitors?

That’s why we’re here: to get you to the first page so you can experience a flood of new – buying – visitors to your site.

Online Marketing Strategies

Add Optimization focuses their joint efforts on devising and deploying the most impactful and tangible online market entry and expansion strategies in every industry.

We concentrate on both short and long-term business growth objectives.

Upon thorough market analysis, we execute stratagems that bring a daily stream of targeted buyers and users.

SEO Web Design

Your SEO efforts are only as good as the limits of your website platform. Our SEO friendly Web design services create sites that are appealing to both users and search engines.

We make the right adjustments so the search engines can easily index your website, and our Web designers make sure the site is aesthetically appealing and converts traffic into sales.